Our Application Process


Step 1

Here is a look at the Mutualism loan application. Make sure to gather all your requirements and sign up. The application is simple, and you will be able to fill it out in minutes.

Step 2

After submitting your application, we will take the time to look it over and compare it to other applicants. You will hear back in days on your application status.


Step 3

After your application has been accepted, we work with you to create your repayment schedule. Your equipment is then delivered to your business in weeks.

Lending is better with us

Low Risk

Our loans are meant for you to get a chance to grow your business.
No hidden fees and no hidden strings.
Your success is our success.

Sustainable lending

We do not take collateral.
If you cannot repay the loan, we retake the equipment and give another entrepreneur the chance to use it to grow their business.

Affordable interest rates

We offer affordable interest rates, tailored to South African entrepreneurs.

Grow your business

We are here to support your business growth. Here are additional services to use to make your business a success

Business Consultation

We have a pannel of expert business consultants that is available for you to book.

Learning Courses

We also offer you a variety of business courses to help you expand your business knowledge.

Ready to get started?