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We are Mutualism

At Mutualism, we believe that the key to a successful partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship built on mutual respect. Izandla Ziyagezana – One hand washes another. A successful partnership requires dedication on both sides and we will be as dedicated to your business as we are to our own.

At Mutualism, we strive to be the teacher as well as the fishing rod.” Not “as well as the fishing rod”, but “be the teacher as well as provide the fishing rod. We aim to help guide our entrepreneurs in their journeys, while providing the necessary resources for them to be successful.

Mutualism is scaling with the goal to develop hundreds of SMMEs across South Africa. We are currently accepting applications for asset-backed financing.

Our Story

Over the Years



Mutualism was founded with the goal of providing access to sustainable funding for SMEs across South Africa.
Developing our Model
Katrientjie’s Kitchen, a female-owned food truck was our first tested loan. From there, we have continued to strengthen our model.
Adding Services
With the addition of learning materials and consulting services, our methods of support continue to grow.
We have continued to find partners to help us provide total support for SMEs across South Africa.

Our Story

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Common  Questions

How do I apply for funding?

Applications for funding are now open. Please follow the link below to apply https://app.mutualism.co.za/.

What types of businesses do you support?

We support new and existing businesses regardless of industry.

Do you offer funding for startup businesses?

Yes, we do offer to start-ups, however for businesses that are newly operational or in ideation a business plan will be required along with financial projections.

Do you offer inventory finance?

No. We do not offer inventory finance. We support through a strategy called “Asset-Backed Lending”. We provide funding for businesses to purchase physical equipment, and the business then makes monthly repayments to pay off the equipment.

What services do you provide?

We support with a strategy called “Asset- Backed lending”. We provide for our partners to use as a steppingstone for success. Our maximum amount of investment is R150 000. We also offer consulting and educational services to make sure you can best manage your business.

What are the application requirements?

We require that you have bank statements, a business plan, financial statements, and are a CIPC & SARS registered business. If you have these things and you in Gauteng or Western Cape, you are eligible to apply.

How long does it take to hear back after I’ve applied?

You should hear back from us with our decision in less than 21 days. If we need to contact you for further information our decision may be delayed.