A new financing and consulting strategy bringing power to the small business owners of South Africa.

Izandla Ziyagezana

At Mutualism, we believe that the key to a successful partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship built on mutual respect. Izandla Ziyagezana – One hand washes another. A successful partnership requires dedication on both sides and we will be as dedicated to your business as we are to our own.

At Mutualism, we strive to be the teacher as well as the fishing rod. We aim to help guide our entrepreneurs in their journeys, while providing the necessary resources for them to be successful.

Mutualism is scaling with the goal to develop hundreds of SMMEs across South Africa. We are currently accepting applications for asset-backed financing.

We support your business with tailored consultation services.

We have partnered with experienced business consultants, that you can book and they can guide your business into success, at Mutualism we care about your success and the growth of your business.

Mutualism Consulting - Mutualism Investments

What We Do?

Mutualism specializes in the development of Township SMMEs through financing and consulting services.
We keep ownership local so that money circulates within the township economy and the community develops sustainably. Our hands-on consulting services are used to help the business find consistent and long-lasting growth.

Why We Do It?

Townships (or Kasi’s) are communities that are the result of racial atrocities from colonial rule and apartheid. South Africa still has deeply engrained systemic flaws. The broken financing system has left the Township entrepreneur and business unsupported.
We help support these entrepreneurs because we at Mutualism hold the firm belief that great ideas and people are everywhere.

How We Do It?

We support through a unique investing strategy called “Asset-Backed Investing”.
We provide essential assets for our partners to use as a stepping stone for success.
The asset we provide will be paid in monthly installments over a tailored period of time. After the repayment period, the entrepreneur owns the asset and 100% of their company. We then offer our consulting services to help keep growth consistent.

Our Logo Explained

The rhino and the oxpecker symbolize the symbiotic relationship of Mutualism —two parties coming together for the benefit of each other. We strive to use an innovative financing model to support people without access to traditional funding.
Two unlikely partners forming a strong relationship and supporting each other.